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Quality Matters!

At Central Oklahoma Guttering quality matters. Our relentless attention to detail insures that you always get excellent shape and seams. The elbows are made straight with proper angles and crimps. We use a stiffer aluminum, specifically formulated for gutter machines and our coil is painted at a state-of-the-art painting facility.

Our paint and metal selections are backed by a 50 Year Paint Warranty.

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The most effective way to provide uniform moisture to install real eave gutters and downspouts and ground level elbow extensions...

...It is our opinion that a roof drainage system is required to adequately protect the foundation support system {of a building}....

Michael T. Scanlon

Nortex Engineering Inc.

James W Gartel, Jr.

Gulf Coast Engineering & Surveying

...It is our interpretation that the intent of IRC {International Residential Code}...Is to require all drainage off of a residential roof be collected and discharged onto the exterior grade surface no closer than 5 feet of the exterior house foundation line on all sides.

Rod V. McCasland

R-MacEngineering Company, Inc.

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